Our mission

Our main objective is to ensure the welfare of dogs and cats that are in situations of neglect, abuse and / or abandonment. We promote animal welfare and apply it as our highest philosophy: all life is worth living, with maximum well-being and no suffering. Years of experience in the treatment of animals, and collaboration with great professionals, allows us to give animals under our care the best temporary home that is within our reach. We care not only about their physical condition, but also mental, with positive stimuli and the greatest possible human interaction. Each animal is different, and it is essential to understand each one of them, to know how to listen to them, to know how to provide them with what they need to be happy. All this requires a lot of effort and perseverance, but for us they are worth it, because getting those eyes full of fear end up shining with happiness at seeing you is something worth fighting for without stopping.

But this is not our only objective, in the long term we work untiringly for the benefit of citizen awareness, since a society sensitive to abuse and neglect is not only a dream, but something necessary and possible. We especially like to work from the ground up, with the youngest ones, with didactic activities in schools or in our own center, to instill in the little ones the respect and love towards the animals. But not only work with children, activities with municipalities, companies or universities also allow the awareness and encouragement of respect and sensitivity to other animals.

Daisy for adoption