Information about adoption

All of our animals are given in adoption after a pre-adoption process where we send a questionnaire to the interested person, arrange a phone/skype meeting and/or a house visit. We always try to do our best to find the perfect match for you and for the doggie, that means that if for example the dog chosen is very active and you are not an active person and work away from home for several hours while the animal will be in a tiny apartment, we'll explain you the situation and try to find a most suitable animal for you. We want to have success for both you and the animal, and to get that we sometimes need to say no because no one wins if everything turns out wrong and the animal has to come back to us, you'd get a bad experience and the animal too. Listen to our advices, we'll always try to recommend the best for you and the animal :)

All of our animals are given in adoption with their vaccinations up to date to their age, chip and passport. If the animal is mature enough will also be spayed before the adoption, but if not possible due to the age or health problems you'll have the obligation to do it as soon as possible. 

Adoptions take place at our vet, where you'll sign the adoption contract, the chip ownership will be transferred to you, the passport will be given to you, and you'll pay the vet for the adoption expenses (vaccinations, chip, passport and spaying). 

Now you know how it works, you just need to take a look at our furry friends and fall in love.

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